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Feb 14, 2023

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About Us

A startup investment platform accessible to anyone is called INVESTMENT LAND LTD. We make it possible for average individuals to spend as little as $20 or as much as $20,000 per investment in carefully screened private firms, rather than simply a select group of rich authorized investors.

  • Investment Platform

    A multipurpose platform for group investments in cryptocurrency funds, and startups.

  • Entrepreneurial boost INVESTMENT LAND LTD

    The process of identifying and expediting initiatives that show promise for future funding rounds.

  • A social media platform specifically for investors

    A social network where investors may communicate and share information about projects and their stages of development.

Investing Plans

Up to 550% After 1 Hour

$20-$500 100.1%
$501-$1000 101%
$1001-$2000 105%
$2001-$3000 120%
$3001-$5000 150%
$5001-$8000 200%
$8001-$10000 350%
$10001-$20000 550%

Epaycore, Bitcoin, Tron, USDT TRC20.


INVESTMENT LAND LTD is transforming the investment landscape by leveraging easily available, user-friendly, social web3 technology to transform the way capital and communities collaborate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click 'Make Deposit' from the navigation menu to make a deposit. After selecting your preferred payment method and entering the required amount in the "Amount" column, click "Spend." Complete the deposit by following the remaining instructions provided by your payment system.

We accept Epaycore, Bitcoin, Tron, USDT TRC20.

Yes. You must choose 'Spend funds from account balance' on the 'Make deposit' page in your Member area in order to deposit money from your account balance.

The minimum investment amount is only $20 for epaycore and $100 for crypto and the maximum amount is $20,000. EpayCore deposits will be added to your account instantly. Crypto deposits will be added to your account after 3-10 confirmations automatically. The minimum withdrawal for ePayCore is $0.1 and for Crypto is $100. All cryptocurrency transactions are processed after 3-10 network confirmations. All payment withdrawals are processed instantly for epaycore and manually for crypto and it takes up to 48 hours to be processed.

You must choose 'withdraw funds' in your member area in order to take your profit out. Simply enter the desired withdrawal amount and select the payment method that you normally use to make deposits.